“my mom called me and said that a big envelope came in the mail from USC. I had to pull over because I was shaking…”

Trey Spellman (USC Photo)

What did you do when you first found out you got in to USC?

While I was driving to my swim practice, my mom called me and said that a big envelope came in the mail from USC. I had to pull over because I was shaking from excitement when she told me that it was an acceptance letter. I was especially shocked because I was informed of my acceptance several months earlier than the regular decision date, because I was being considered for a scholarship. It was hard to focus on anything else during my swim practice.

What are you most excited to learn/do/experience/etc. while at USC?

I am really excited about taking classes in my major’s curriculum, which is Business of Cinematic Arts. I like the idea of majoring in Business because it’s practical and applicable, while the Cinematic Arts side will satisfy my creative and artistic needs. I hope to work behind the scenes on student films and maybe intern somewhere in Hollywood.

What is one thing you brought with you to USC that means the most to you?

I brought a stuffed lion that my best friend bought me for my birthday right before I moved to USC. It’s special because I am a Leo, and it reminds me of my friends from home (and it’s cute and soft).

What piece of advice you were given about starting college that you’ll follow?

Someone told me to say yes to every opportunity during the first few weeks of college, which has already created so many great memories for me. Since move-in-day, I have been to the Santa Monica Pier twice, the Melrose Trading Post, two rooftops, had a guacamole making party, and learned how to juggle.

What do you think/hope you’ll be like four years from now?

After graduating, I hope to have a job lined up in the business side of the entertainment industry, possibly in music management or film production. Truthfully, I hope my personality won’t change too much, rather, I hope that it is enhanced by new experiences, insight, and travels.

Trey Spellman, a Stamps Scholar majoring in business with an emphasis in cinematic arts, says he aims to show the world that the loudest ideas are not the best ideas. The self-identified introvert has even led seminars and created curriculum to educate his peers about misconceptions around introversion.